How it all works

What we do

We come to your home, consult with you about your meal needs, plan and schedule our "cooking time" at your home. During "cooking time", we prepare the meals as agreed upon, place them in containers or dishes in your fridge/freezer, and clean-up!

How we do it

We will do the grocery shopping, bring the ingredients, and provide you a receipt for the items purchased. If you want to shop for the ingredients needed that's great, we will simply come cook it up! We charge a reasonable hourly rate for our time, minimum 2 hour time slot.  

When we do it

We offer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or one time service, tailored to your needs. During our "cooking time", we prepare the menu items discussed, storing them in the fridge/freezer as required. You have meals you like ready when you are. 

About Us

Planning Ahead

By planning meals/menu items, we can maximize your grocery dollar. We use the same ingredients in a few dishes to ensure freshness and stretch your dollar. 

Single? How about sharing the service?

If you want to stretch things further, we can make a few meals that can be divided and shared with your friends. Stretch your dollar by sharing the costs and reap the reward of a great meal!